Thursday, June 9, 2016

My First Romper

Hello again!
I can't believe it's been a month since the last time I posted.. I'm so sorry! We have been having such terrible weather which really left me feeling uninspired. Texans don't really know how to dress for rain, so trying to put together a trendy outfit to go out into the rain just seemed impossible. And since we live out of the city limits we have pretty crummy internet, especially when the weather is bad. 

But enough excuses already!! 

I recently purchased my very first romper and wanted to share it with everyone!

I've always thought that rompers were so adorable and seemed so comfortable, but I never liked one on me so I've never bought one. 
 Until I found this one at Kohl's! I didn't even bother trying it on because I knew that I would talk myself out of it. And if I bought it I knew that I would force myself to wear it at least once. 

What originally caught my eye was the color. Since I dyed my hair red I've really been drawn to anything and everything olive green. It really makes the red seem so much bolder and brighter!

The next thing I fell in love with was the open back. I fully believe that the little details in any garment can really make a huge impact. An open back adds just a little bit of sexiness while still being classy. I wore a blush colored lace bralette underneath so that you could see just a hint of it. 

But what ultimately sold me on this romper was the overall style of it. I loved that it wasn't fitted, it has a waist band so it doesn't look like a sack and the shorts looked so flowy and comfortable! And, as I've said before, versatility is always a big factor for me when shopping and this is so very versatile! I dress it up for a baby shower this weekend with a pair of lace up wedges and I can dress it down with a pair of sneakers or sandals for a casual day out.

So if you are someone who has never felt like you could pull off a romper, I feel your struggle! But I think it takes just the right piece to change your mind. Now that I love this romper, I really want to add more to my closet! 

Thank you so much for stopping  by!

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