Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Oscar's Best Dressed

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Robbie was helping out his cousin all weekend so I just hung out at home with our dogs. 

Did you watch The Oscar's? Leo finally won!!! I haven't seen The Revenant yet but it definitely looks amazing. 

I've never been one to get really wrapped up in the awards shows, but I do always love to watch the red carpets. How amazing it must feel to be able to wear such gorgeous gowns! A girl can dream, right..? 
So today I'm going to share my picks for Best Dressed at the Oscars! 

Charlize Theron 
This custom Cristian Dior gown is stunning. But what really makes this looks for me is the long Harry Winston diamond necklace. You usually see a much shorter necklace and these events and I love that they stepped out of the box and went with the long necklace. It's really what made me love this look so much. 

Cate Blanchett
Cate knows how to bring the drama in the best way! The color of this Armani Prive gown looks gorgeous agains her skin and the all of the hand sewn flowers are so eye catching. 

Rooney Mara
Wow. Just wow! This Givenchy dress is so many things it's hard to describe. It's chic, edgy, couture, elegant and so much more!

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